Answering Services For Galveston, TX

Galveston, TX, historically a port and commercial center, now focuses most of its business activity on the tourism, healthcare, shipping, and financial industries. It is home to a large branch of the University of Texas and has one of the largest concentrations of historic 19th-century buildings in the country, which makes it popular with visitors. The types of businesses that bolster the economy need not only routine answering services to cover the phones and disseminate messages, but also friendly, knowledgeable voices who can help callers make reservations, report a medical problem, arrange shipping, and provide information.

Monroe Answering Service has come a long way since 1932, when it started as a one-operator company who served one client, to its current state, where it can handle clients large and small in a wide gamut of businesses.

Answering Calls Is Just The Start

Monroe serves the needs of companies who want either live answering or an automated attendant, or a combination of both. We can also direct calls to the proper person, often via email, Alpha paging, or text. No matter what time of day or night you need coverage, our personnel can offer the around-the-clock customer service or technical support.

Hiring a big enough staff to cover your call volume can be costly, especially when your business has a mix of slow times and peak times. Using workers from Monroe Answering Service alleviates over-hiring, yet provides you with dependable workers who are trained in customer service and in your industry. For this reason, many companies go beyond using Monroe staff to answer routine calls and entrust them with a variety of call center tasks. Even small companies use us for projects such as event planning, mailings, and surveys.

Reliability When You Need It

Since Monroe has a good reputation for attracting employees who will stay on the job far longer than the industry’s average, you can feel certain that your calls will be in good hands. More than 15% of our representatives have had more than 15 years of experience, while 20% have five years or more, 35% have more than two years, and the rest are newer. We train all workers in industry practices and in the requirements of your job so that from the first call we take for you on, you have a friendly, confident voice on the other end of the phone.

Serving Galveston, TX

When you need reliable answering services in Galveston, choose Monroe Answering Service. To get started, check our website or call (409) 981-9797 or (877) 546-9900.