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“Live” Internet Lead Response Solution

Sale Leads – Service & Parts Requests

Internet Lead Facts:

After 5 hours your odds of selling drop 50% if you have not responded.
We will respond to meet any time frame you require. Typically we delay a few minutes so that the response does not appear to be an auto responder.
Less than half of dealers surveyed responded to incoming emails in less than (1) one hour.
We respond in the range of five to fifteen minutes.
One manufacturer’s research shows 14% of lost sales (from internet leads) were a result of Poor or No response.
We will follow your exact response request. Should the client reply we will reply with additional information. The information we provide is entirely up to you.
Another manufacture shows this number to be greater than 20%.
I think we all would agree that reducing this number to any degree would mean more dollars applied to your bottom line.

Our sole intent with this program is to greatly reduce your Internet Lead Loss Ratio.

In conjunction with the federal bail out and hard economic times, car manufacturers have been making demands in regards to “Internet Leads”. They are disallowing you from responding too quick (auto response), while demanding you respond within a brief given time frame.
This is normally not a big issue during business hours, but what about after hours, weekends and holidays? You have to pay someone to handle those Internet Leads or you yourself wake up at 1, 2, 5am in the morning to do so. Based upon years of handling after hour messaging we know that this upsets significant others and cause tiredness at work the next day.
Monroe Telephone has an easy and cost effective solution for you. We will work with your IT personal, to ensure that we have secure limited access to your CRM email program. We will delay each response to meet any required parameters while guaranteeing that the response is still sent in a timely manner per your requirements.
And best of all, we can do it for much less than the cost of hiring a full or part time employee or two to handle these after hours Internet Leads. Even if you have a person who job is to do this, do they actually give fast responses all night, weekends and holidays? We can work with them to so we do the initial response so that when they wake or have a free moment they can touch back with your potential client. This is the best of both worlds for you.
We fully realize we are not “car people”. We do not know your inventory. We do not know all the ways you use to move potential clients along, yet if we can help you keep them on the proverbial hook and you can improve your statistics to boot, we have all won.
We can learn! We have hundreds of clients, most for years and years. We perform our duties for them and they are quite happy. We work together to learn aspects of their business so that we can offer fulltime, peak, or overflow services to their clients.
Please give me, Larry Cooper, a call at (866) 369-9910. We will discuss pricing and any questions you might have. Were not fancy we just get the job done and it is done right.

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