Guest List Management Services For Weddings in New Orleans

Guest List Management Services For Weddings in New Orleans

When you get married, managing your contacts with guests and vendors can be an overwhelming job. If you are planning a big wedding, employing the services of Monroe Answering Services can save you time, prevent you from overworking your maid of honor, and ensure that you have an accurate guest list in hand.

Why Modern Brides Need Guest Management Services

In modern couples, both the bride and groom are likely to work full time, which is also the case for the maid of honor, best man, and the other attendants. Couples send out Save the Date cards prior to sending invitations with response cards and maintain websites that give information to guests and can even be a vehicle for obtaining RSVPs.

With more things to attend to and less time to do it, many brides and grooms could use a hand managing both sending out invitations and tallying results as to who is coming and even what they want to eat. Since restaurants and caterers charge by the head, giving them an incorrect count can result in paying for those who did not come or the embarrassing situation of running out of food.

How Monroe Answering Service Could Help

Monroe Answering Service can make the job of accounting for attendees easy by managing guest responses. Rather than sending back the response card, guests can simply call a toll-free number to hear a personalized message from you and then leave their response. When invited guests do not respond in a timely manner, our staff will reach out to check the status. As a result, you get a confirmed guest list that will help you to get the final number to the caterer, finalize seating plans, and make arrangements for guest transportation. If you use a wedding website, we can even track responses that come in from there.

Even if you have a wedding planner, Monroe Answering Services can lighten the load by providing up-to-date numbers of attendees to the planner, who will then contact the vendors. We can even coordinate with the wedding planner to make all the little details fall into place.

Small Cost, Big Savings

Implementing this guest management service is cost-effective. You will typically pay a small setup fee plus a charge for each call that comes in. When you have invitations printed, you have the number printed on the invite so that guests can leave a message. Most couples still include the response card, but since many people never get around to mailing it, having a call-in system improves the percentage of response. Even though the guests are only leaving a message, making the call makes them more invested in the process, which reduces the number of no-shows.

Our system will provide you a count on the RSVP date, with additional counts up to seven days before the wedding. If anyone responds after that time, you will be forwarded the information. Just a small investment will provide needed information without hassle.

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If you want to take advantage of guest management services to make wedding planning easier  or any of our other business services, contact Monroe Answering Service via our website or at (409) 981-9797 or (877) 546-9900 to find out how our services could assist you.

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