Holiday & Vacation Phone Coverage in Baton Rouge

Holiday & Vacation Phone Coverage in Baton Rouge

Around the holidays, employees want time off. Many people try to schedule a few vacation or personal days so that they can celebrate Thanksgiving or Hanukkah back home or take some extra time around the days your company might be closed around Christmas. While you want to accommodate your faithful employees, your business must continue. Though other companies may be lightly staffed, some use the time for year-end audits, cleaning up old projects, and spending what is left in their budgets. Your company does not have to choose between denying employees time off or losing business by relying on the answering services and other office duties offered by Monroe Answering Services of Baton Rouge.

Monroe Answering Services Offers The Variety Of Services You Need

The beauty of relying on Monroe Answering Services is that we can do more than produce a pile of messages for staff members to reply to when they return to work. Our trained personnel specialize in office call management, which means that they are equipped to do much more than just answer the phone in a general office setting. In addition, if you have special needs, such as order entry, order processing, and even tech support, we use people for your job that have the required skills.

If your needs center around message management, we can do the basics of answering the phone and helping resolve callers’ needs if possible, transferring some calls to the appropriate staff member, or relaying pages or messages. For companies that prefer a voicemail system with operator access, we are on hand to be the human voice that many callers seek.

During the holidays, you may want to operate an information hotline, perhaps about products that customers purchased for use during the season. You may want to take advantage of the fact that many people will be home and take a survey to provide you with useful data for the new year or send out an end-of-year email campaign. Our staff will be available to answer questions on the hotline, administer your questionnaires, and send out your emails.

True To Our Roots In Baton Rouge, LA

No matter what job we do for you, we do it according to your specifications, and using your script. We work with you to develop the perfect script that our workforce can use as a guideline when dealing with your clients.

Our company started out in 1932 as a small operation that served one local physician and has grown to meet the needs of modern industry in Baton Rouge, LA, and beyond. We work with companies large and small to meet your holiday and vacation needs as well as your ongoing need for overflow at peak times.

If you are ready to see what we can do for you, contact Monroe Answering Service via our website or at (409) 981-9797 or (877) 546-9900 to find out how our services could assist you in promoting and growing your business.

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