How Solopreneurs Benefit From An Answering Service

How Solopreneurs Benefit From An Answering Service

The Benefits Of An Answering Service For The Solopreneur

Now, more than ever, small business owners are able to compete with bigger, more established businesses. Technology has made this possible, with the Internet providing companies of every size a chance to get in the game.

What do visitors to your website and social media pages care about? Not whether it’s just you running operations out of your home or if you’re President of a multi-national corporation. What customers care about is whether you have what they want, and that you appear trustworthy enough to deliver a quality product or service.

In the same way that your website makes that important first impression on the web, an answering service will give your business an air of professionalism, inspiring confidence in your small business.

Are You Spending Too Much Time On The Phone?

As a solopreneur, especially in the early stages of your business, you may find much of your time is tied up on the phone. An answering service allows you to focus your time and attention on other aspects of your business.

So why hire an answering service over a part-time receptionist, or allowing your calls to go to an answering machine?

In order to trust you, and therefore buy from you, your customers need to feel confidence in your business. Speaking to a live person will immediately give your business more legitimacy. A remote live receptionist gives that impression of professionalism; your customers will never even guess they’re dealing with a solo business operation.

Other Benefits Of An Answering Service

An answering service can be personalized to meet your needs. Just as if you’ve hired your own staff, you’ll be able to train the person who will be fielding calls. You can decide how much or how little your answering service will do for you, including:

  • answering queries
  • taking orders
  • providing technical support
  • resolving customer service issues.

Many solopreneurs work out of their homes, or in a small office. Working with an answering service also eliminates the need to adapt your space to accommodate another worker. You’ll also save money on the cost of supplies and equipment; most personalized answering services take care of set up, too.

The Biggest Benefit: You’ll Save Money

Consider the cost of hiring an answering service over hiring a regular employee. You’ll avoid the additional costs of hiring on salaried staff, including taxes, vacation time, insurance and other benefit contributions. With an answering service, you only pay for time spent on the phone.

Using an answering service is also cost-effective when you need help with special projects. Your virtual assistant can help you with more than answering the phone. She can help arrange appointments, take on a marketing project, or manage a caller survey. The flexibility of an answering service to meet your project needs at a busy time of year can save you the time required to hire and train someone new.

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