Improve Your E-Commerce Abilities With Virtual Answering Services

Improve Your E-Commerce Abilities With Virtual Answering Services

When your company is engaged in e-commerce, there are many behind-the-scenes tasks you need to keep up with in order to make your company function smoothly. Monroe Answering Services of Galveston can handle several components of the e-commerce process that will directly impact your day-to-day capabilities.

Let Monroe Answering Service Personnel Serve Your Galveston Business

While you could hire internal staff to do the work, personnel from a virtual answering service can do the work efficiently without the need to increase your permanent staff to handle sales from your website. The beauty of using virtual workers is that you can hire for specific tasks. These might include:

  • Processing orders: Your virtual assistant can pick up orders from the website, enter them in your system, forward them to the departments for shipping, and manage invoicing. Your company might also have a call center where people dial in to purchase products either by talking to a representative or working with an automated system. Monroe representatives can handle overflow or do the whole job for you.
  • Providing customer service: Whether customers request assistance via phone or email, your virtual staff personnel can reach out to them to answer questions and solve problems.
  • Processing returns and exchanges: When customers want to return or exchange products, your virtual staffer can handle communications with the customer, provide necessary directions and labels to expedite the process, and process refunds and credits.
  • Managing inventory: By monitoring stock levels, your virtual representative can update your website to advise potential customers of availability.
  • Handling ordering: Our representatives will make sure that your shelves are not empty and that you have supplies on hand at all times.
  • Updating your website: A talented assistant can make sure that your website is correct at all times. He or she can add new products and monitor broken links.
  • Preparing and submitting press releases: Your assistant can write press releases and submit them to the proper websites or just manage a release written by another person.

Trained Personnel, At Your Service

Managing e-commerce tasks is a job that requires well-trained staff. Monroe Answering Services hires experienced people who are then trained in the specific tasks pertinent to your business. After over 80 years in the business, we know how to attract high-quality individuals who take pride in their work. Our turnover rate is low, so you can feel confident that a person you have trained will remain available when you need them.

While the company was started to serve doctors in the area, we now work with all industries. We have updated our technology so that we can do everything from managing your phone to the most technical e-commerce tasks.

When you need professionals to maintain or expand your e-commerce capabilities, contact Monroe Answering Service via our website or by calling (409) 981-9797 or (877) 546-9900.

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