Answering Services For Energy, Oil & Gas Companies

Answering Services For Your Energy, Oil And Gas Company

For energy, oil and gas companies, reliable, instant communications are a top priority. You need live personnel available to report dangerous incidents — including leaks, burst pipes, oil spills and power outages — around the clock so a technician or emergency official can be dispatched. Unexpected safety issues around energy, oil and gas concern entire neighborhoods, and callers are often understandably agitated with concern. Your company needs to be able to trust the person handling your emergency calls is calm, knowledgeable, able to quickly gather information and respond appropriately.

Non-Emergency Calls Are Also Crucial

For energy, oil and gas companies it’s also important to have adequate phone coverage for non-emergencies. You’ll want to know the person answering the phone is friendly, competent and able to handle a wide range of questions and requests. From simple calls asking for hours of operation and account information to providing service information and taking payments, professional phone personnel are highly trained to manage each call with efficiency.

Is An Answering Service Right For You?

Many companies in the energy, oil and gas industry rely on an answering service as a cost-efficient solution to their 24/7 communication needs. With a company like Monroe Telephone Answering Service, you can rest assured your callers receive personalized service from our personnel, with customized training designed to meet your needs. We also specialize in responding to localized or area-wide disaster recovery, so you’ll never lose contact with your management team, staff or customers when reliable communications matter most.

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