What Technology Should The Call Center You Contract With Use?

What Technology Should The Call Center You Contract With Use?

If you’re considering hiring a call center to manage ingoing and outgoing calls for your business, you’ll want to make sure the company is up to the task. That means professional, courteous well-trained agents, a positive work environment with a low turn-over rate and up to date communications technology.

Although most of us understand the importance of professionalism and consistency with call center staff, the technological aspect of running a call center can be a bit of a mystery. Here is a list of call center technology must-haves that will ensure continuous service in the case of a power outage, emergency or natural disaster.

Technology To Ensure 24/7 Service Is Available

When you look into different professional answering services, be sure to ask about redundant technological processes that will provide your customers with the uninterrupted, round the clock answering service you’re paying for.

The five basic musts for any answering service include:

  • Data backup.How will your answering service fare in the event of a hard drive crash? What precautions have been taken to ensure for safe and secure data backup? The key when it comes to protecting call center data is off site backups. Ask the answering service about the location of their data centers. Ideally there will be a number of data centers located in various regions around the country to offset the impact of a power outage.
  • Generator backup. What could be more important to call center staff than knowing call center equipment will remain live even in the event of a power outage? An on-site generator must be in working order at all times in case the main power supply goes down. Without a generator, any and all electrical equipment, from lights to computers to internet service, us susceptible to being cut off leaving your callers in the lurch.
  • Power supply backup.How is your call center prepared in the case of an electrical outage? You’ll want to know that there is adequate battery back up to ensure a steady power supply before the generator kicks in. Be sure to inquire about an uninterrupted power supply (UPS, also known as battery/flywheel backup) system. UPS is crucial to maintain service when power fails and the generators aren’t yet supplying power.
  • Varied Telephony Providers – Is the call center well-positioned for uninterrupted phone service with multiple telephony providers? Your call center should have a backup provider in case the physical telephony device (such as a modem) or telephony software experiences a lapse in service, which could result in call agents being unable to get a dial tone log a phone call.
  • Multiple Internet Providers – Does your call center have an automatic fail over in place, with more than one internet provider available? The widespread use of web-based programs means call centers are as reliant on internet service as any other type of business. Knowing your call center has their internet covered in the event of an unforeseen outage will help ensure your customers are well served 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Right Answering Service Solution

Based in Texas, Monroe Telephone Answering Service provides call center services to customers nationwide using the latest technology and important back up devices to ensure callers are never left in the lurch due to an outage or technological glitch. To learn more about our professional bilingual answering services in English and Spanish, call us at (877) 546-9900 or (409) 981-9797.

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