Why Restaurants Hire An Answering Service

Why Your Restaurant Needs An Answering Service

If you work in the restaurant industry, you’re accustomed to a large volume of calls about menu and location, reservations and take-out or delivery orders. You need your phone staff to handle each call politely and competently without compromising attentive service to your waiting customers. If your customer service leaves something to be desired, you’ll lose potential sales. Word can quickly get around if your business isn’t able to keep up with the demand for fast, friendly customer service on the phone or in person.

Is A Customized Answering Service The Right Solution?

At Monroe Telephone Answering Service, our professional phone personnel can field all your calls so you and your regular staff can provide excellent in-person customer service. Whether automated, live answering services or a combination is the best fit for your restaurant, we’re poised to offer an affordable, customized solution. Choose from our menu of features:

  • Round the clock responsiveness, even after hours
  • Scheduling and confirming seating reservations
  • Taking and processing take-out and delivery orders
  • Handling payment information
  • Answering general inquires (menu, location)
  • Call center services

Highly Trained Phone Staff At The Right Price

When you partner with our professional answering service, you’ll get a cost-effective solution to handling busy times — and your customers will never suspect they’re dealing with virtual or off-site personnel. We’ll work with you to ensure each call is handled by the appropriate script, so our agents are trained just the way you’d train your own staff.

Our clients in the restaurant industry love our flexible service options. Choose to use our live phone agents when you need them, for special events or the busy season — or to take over take-out orders, delivery calls, or only reservations. When you work with our trained staff of phone professional, you’ll notice an increase in the efficiency and productivity with which each call is handled. And you’ll save time and money when you choose our services over hiring extra in-house staff.

Learn More About Our Restaurant Answering Service

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